Update Time!!!!

Well hi there everyone!!! It’s been awhile. Silly world we are in the past year kind of put a damper on things, but we are working on getting back up and running! To that end, I’d like to direct your attention towards the PAC FUN section on the website for our most recent Mosh and the two(!!) OKC Pride Parades that PAC-OK were involved in!!!

While we are actively working on getting events rolling again now that we are an official entity and have a full board of Handlers and Pets to work on it, we are still on the hunt for ideas of things you guys want to do!!! So I’d love to have you come make some noise at any of our meetings or even just online through our Facebook, Fetlife, Twitter, or Telegram options!!! Links for the Twitter and Telegram should be at the bottom left of your current webpage, but if they aren’t or aren’t working or you want one of the other options I listed, just use the “Bark at us!” option down there to contact the Board and we’ll get you where you are wanting to go!

-Pup Kairos