The Other Side of the Stage: A Handler’s View

Written by Ms. Bre

When my puppy told me he wanted to compete a variety of feelings hit me. Deep down however I knew he’d regret it if he didn’t. So I encouraged him. I even pushed him to enter. The reality of the competition was overwhelming. You feel every emotion imaginable from fear to pride and even sheer joy. Its a strange thing to know and love someone and then see a whole room light up when they enter. That support and comradery between the contestants as well as the audience is striking. It is an experience I will always remember and be grateful to have been through. In the end you learn a great deal about yourself and the ones you love. It takes strength to stand up to that intimidating world and smile in the face of it. I would encourage handlers or anyone to dig deep and embrace the experience as a way to grow and deepen your own life and your relationship.