Gear Links

While we firmly believe that Gear is not required to be a pet/pup, here are some links and stores for those looking for that first (or next!) piece of gear for their ensemble! FYI – the bold links will take you direct to that page

  • Mr S Leather – This is the direct link to the Mr. S Leather Puppy area. However, Mr. S is an amazing gear store if you want more than just Pet/Pup Play gear.
  • Pulse Underwear – Good place to go if you are ever in the OKC area, their site does not do their selection justice!!!
  • StrayToys – Another great Pet/Pup (and Furry!) store, also based here in the OKC area!
  • LeatherMasters – Leather Master is a great overall gear, leather, and BDSM shop! Yet again, their site just does not do them justice so if you are in the Dallas, TX area make sure to stop on in!
  • WruffStuff – Amazing British-made hoods and gear for Pets that don’t want their whole head covered!
  • P and C Creations – For our non-Pups, this etsy store has some really amazing looking Animal Hoods!!!
  • Adam & Eve – There are two shops in the OKC Metro for Adam & Eve, one in Norman (218 E Main St) and North OKC (2905 NW 70th St). Both stores have some overall fun things, however the North OKC store is the location with more Pet/Pup Gear and BDSM accessories. Also, if you are a PAC member looking for a hood, be sure to mention that when you go browsing!