101 Information

Paws and Claws Oklahoma was created with the idea of inclusivity and fun for all. Whether you’re a lion, fox, bat, caribou, dragon or any other pet player – we welcome you to all of our events and want you to know we’re here to for you, too.

For those new to pet play, things can be a bit confusing, and we’re here to help educate and support everyone to help create a safe environment where everyone can have fun. For those new pets and Handlers, or those that are simply curious about the subject, the best thing we can suggest is to ask with an open mind. Come out to an event or two, and get to know people in the community. We don’t bite (unless we’re asked to), and most pets love meeting new people. 

That being said, there are a few things to be mindful of… 

• Many pet players are very shy by nature. It’s never a good idea to walk up to a pet and touch them without asking permission. Some pets are non-verbal when they are in their headspace, and you’ll have to look for visual cues for consent, but always get consent before touching. Most of us love belly rubs and scritches, but not without our permission. 

• Along those same lines, it’s never a good idea to grab a pet’s tail. There are many kinds of tails, and some of them are actually insertable. You can actually do some serious harm to someone if you pull on their tail, so a good rule of thumb is to not touch without permission. We at PAC actually recommend wearing “Show Tails” only in public spaces for the safety of the pet, and leave the insertable tails for more private settings.

• While there are some pets that do connect their sex lives with their pet play, there are just as many that don’t. You should never assume that anyone is up for any sexual contact without consent. This goes for pet players and anyone else you might meet on the street. Remember, consent is sexy!