How To Store Your Neoprene Puppy Hood When At Home (And NOT At Home)

After a night pupping out, or at a mosh, or an intense session with a handler, the time inevitably comes when you have to un-hood and return to human-space. So what do you do with your hood until next time you’re ready for pup-space?

Well, if you read my recent blog post on how to clean your puppy hood, you could do that.

Or, you could just toss it aside in a drawer, in the closet, or somewhere else where it waits for you until next time. That’s all fine and good, but remember, your hood is an investment, an external representation of your inner animal. So why just toss it aside where it can be damaged, stained, or sitting out in plain view waiting for that explanation to someone who doesn’t understand what pup play is all about?

I recommend you go get yourself one of these:

Yes, one of those styro mannequin heads. They’re cheap – you can get them at Beauty Supply houses, or even online. I got mine via Amazon for less than $10 and delivered via Prime in a day; just search for “Styrofoam Mannequin Head”. They have male and female ones, but I’ve found the male ones seem to fit the shape of the hood best (that’s not being sexist, that’s just being honest).

The mannequin heads help in many different ways. They keep the hood from getting the dreaded creases dirty, or damaged – especially during transport from home to the mosh (or from home to the suitcase to somewhere halfway around the world). They allow more storage options as the hood will be kept upright, in its natural shape, and it can dry / air out on its own. If you have a collar, you can even put the collar around the neck area, like so:

Oh, and yea, about the caribeaners (those little colored S-hook looking things in the above photo). Those are actually very useful to have around on on you somewhere – like hooked onto your belt loop.

For those with Mr S Leather hoods (or similar), have you ever wondered what the little tag-looking thing on the inside back of the hood was for? Well, me too, until someone told me that it can be used to “hook” your hood on your belt loop (or something else) while out and about, so you have a place to hold the hood and keep both hands free. No longer do you have to hold the hood in one hand and a drink in the other, or leave your hood on a table somewhere where it can get stolen or something spilled on it.

Caribeaners are cheap – I picked up a pack of 5 mini ones at Buc-ees in Denton on the way to the Dallas Eagle for less than $5. You can get them at any sporting goods store or home store. They probably even carry them at WalMart or Target, though I haven’t checked. They also could double as a storage hook in case you don’t have one of the mannequin heads above.

That’s it pups and pets. Happy hooding!